Feeling stressed out and helpless
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Thread: Feeling stressed out and helpless

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    Default Feeling stressed out and helpless

    My daughter just turned 6 at the beginning of august. I decided to home school for some personal reasons. I know my daughter cant handle the school setting. She has difficulties with many things like talking full sentences and even some behavior problems. I wanted to get a hold of the school myself and get her set up for speech theropy myself until all this started. She's very attached to her father and myself and tends to have a FIT if we seperate from her. There is A LOT going on in our lives right now. I am expecting a baby on November 12th but I don't think I've ever been so stressed out in my life. I feel lost and helpless and I don't know what to do anymore. I wanted to home school but i feel I've made a big mistake. You see I live in an apartment complex with many nosey people. Every time this one person see's me they ask me questions about my daughter like "who watches her when you work or when my hubby works". "is she going to school?" Same questions over and over again. I've answered politely that we are homeschooling. I've the documents from the school and all that. First time This lady asked I had police at my door saying that my daughter was not in school. Apparently my daughter was 9 too. Luckily the police were really cool and left us alone. The next week I see this lady again and get asked the same questions. This happened on a friday evening. On Monday I get a phone call from CPS saying they have gotten phone calls my daughter is not in school and I need to have a meeting with them. This was just the kicker for me. So we had a meeting and this lady comes to my home and I show her my documents. The phone call she got stated my daughter is not in school(shes 8 this time) and has special needs and is also left alone. I am at a loss. Mind you no one in this household has had alone time in a LONG TIME. I'd never leave my daughter alone. So now I have to deal with CPS for god knows how long and I need to get my daughter assessed to see if she is in deed a special needs student. I did this home school thing because I felt in my heart that it was right. Now I don't know what to do anymore. I am beyond stressed and I am scared. I feel I have failed as a parent by not taking care of all of this earlier and getting my daughter checked. I have such a hard time trying to get her to do anything. She likes the TFL activities though. I thank god for this website. she has learned greatly from it.

    I am just feeling helpless and I dont know what will happen from here. After this lady left my apartment I cried for almost 3 hours. I hope this makes sence to you readers out there. I honestly just needed to get it off my chest. I have such stress going on right now and I don't know what to do.

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    My heart goes out to you and your family. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. Ignorance about homeschooling is rampant and it seems to be knocking on your door.

    Just remember you have done NOTHING wrong and have done what you feel is best for your precious daughter.

    I suggest you visit the HSLDA site (Homeschool Legal Defense) and see what might be available to you. I also suggest you visit your state specific forum on this site. Others there might have helpful tips for your situation.

    Best wishes to you and keep us in the loop.
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    I'm so sorry you are going through all of that! I have had some rude questions over the years but no where near the drama you have been put through! I agree with Jackie, I would check out HSLDA. What state are you in? If you are doing the requirements for the state it really is no one's business if you are homeschooling. As far as therapy you might talk to your pediatrician about setting up an appointment with a developmental specialist. When my son had various therapies it was not through the school. Hang in there!

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    First i want to say that i am truley sorry that you are going through all of that, and I know that doesnt make you feel any better by me saying that, but i know what you are going through i have been going through worst and something much more similiar. First i would like to give you some quick ideas on what i am doing with my first time, and year homeschooling my daughter, and son who has autism. I am available to talk to anytime if you wanted to actually call me for my tips. But if not i understand, i can brief you really fast.803-609-3620 ask for Faith. email: [email protected]

    Okay first thing first,

    1.In you state you can look the laws of homeschooling. (I live in SC, so its different everywhere you live.)
    2. Join an actual homeschool association in your area.Type that in and you should be able to find it.( if you need help with this just email your state you live in and ill help you find it out)
    3. Get a curriculm set up. You are already with TFL so you are okay on that part.Print out her assignment on the portfolilio under her account.
    4. Get a 3 ring binder with pockets in the front and back. (I have one that is an one in a half inch) with the front with the clear slip cover where i can print or make a front cover and slip it inside the binder. I bought mines from Walmart for like $3.99. You need this binder to create a portfolilio. I just print out my daughters previous assignments and then copy them in my planner and stick this copy in the binder.
    5. Get some workbooks. I got mines from Walmart.com and ship to store for free (its cheaper, and less hassle then going to the store searching for it with special needs kids.) I order the School Zone and Spectrum workbooks 2nd grade. These are what the teachers have used when my daughter was in school. I got the ones that she really needs help with. Like my daughter needs help with reading and Math. Whatever you want to get.They even have a new book out for science on the School Zone Website. Take these out of the workbook, get a hole puncher and stick them in the portfolilio 3 ring binder.

    6. Order an Homeschool planner. I use order mines From Mardel Christian & Education. The planner is called A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner.
    I Love this, it has everything you need and it shows you example pages on how to set up your curriculum.To make my life sooooo much easier,I order this homeschool planner, and it was on sale for $14.99. Its wonderful and A life saver. Cause with 2 children with autism, and me having Adult ADHD its difficult for me to keep track of everything automatically.
    Extra things I did to prepare for homeschool:I went to Youtube and a lady to subscribe to or just watch her vidoes that helped me alot a ton, type in the Unlikely Jamie, and she shows you quick, simple videos on how she homeschool and use her planner. I also watch this lady called Annie-Marie Hawthorne( or you can type inTour of my DIY homeschool planner.).
    7. See if you can Join HSLDA. Go to their website to see your state and check out their fees. They are like advocates so you dont have to stress with others. I dont have them, but will be paying the fees for it next month.

    Once again if you need more details on what im doing call me, iam very friendly and understand what you are going through. Dont stress it, the worst that can be done has already been done. Just dont stress, make it easy. Follow these easy tips and you should be fine. But You might have to move to a different apartment, or relocate. But if not then, have everything straight just in case they come again. She needs to mind her buisness and you might need to tell her that after you get all your information and everything squared away. But follow those tips and everything will be alright. Take it one day at a time, thats what im doing. My sister just died last week and my husband has been taken from me by immigration in august, and i have 2 special needs children im stressing with trying to teach them, greive and be okay with everything that is happening to me.Trust me i understand, its hard. Also you did not say what was wrong with your child. Please dont be upset when i say this, but please get a diagnois on her so you can get more help and understand how to teach her and her teaching style. You cant help anyone without getting to the root of the problem. Good luck.
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