First year high school for 15 yr old on the spectrum
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Thread: First year high school for 15 yr old on the spectrum

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    Default First year high school for 15 yr old on the spectrum

    Starting to get back into the swing of things and feeling the challenges of beginning high school with an" on the spectrum" teen. He doesn't like reading and also has trouble writing. Also gets off track VERY easily; sometimes in a good way such as wanting to investigate who is Margaret Meade, but mostly just distracted by silliness. I've started attending lessons with him to help him be more engaged. One thing that is troubling me is how fast the video lessons move. I'm trying to write notes but I end of having to play the lessons over and over. It's a bit frustrating. I also would really appreciate it if they had answer keys to the quizzes and tests. Especially with an ASPIE/ADHD kid who absolutely does not want to go back through a lesson and try to find the correct answer. I think what I'm gonna have to do is go through the lesson ahead of him and make the notes and then do the lesson with him and just hope that we get the quizzes and tests correct. We spent 70 minutes this morning doing a Chapter Test in US History 1 and only scored 65%. He was too wiped out to even care about what he didn't get correct. I of course didn't have any notes prepared because I have only today just started to attend lessons with him.
    I would love it if there was within this program a format for "accommodations" such as shorter tests and the ability to curve the grades. The ability to pause video lessons would also be a blessing.
    Hopefully we can get better at this.

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    You can pause most of the lessons by clicking on the screen anywhere, the pause button will show at the bottom of the screen. For a lot of the lessons, there is a "recap" at the end with important points for notes. Also, if you go to the "Lesson Plans" block on the Parent Dashboard page, go to the bottom and click on "High School" and then click the subject, it has answer keys to all the quizes, and the chapter test answer key is at the top of each chapter division (upper right) of the lessons page. Also, you are the teacher of record, so you can accommodate his learning style in however you see fit, grades, tests, etc. My daughter often needs me to sit and discuss writing assignments and quizes and tests. She is a "tangent learner" as I like to call it! She often needs to go off on a tangent to fully grasp (and become interested) in a subject. She is becoming more confidant with the support. History is pretty challenging, though! Hope this helps!
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    Hello! Yes, you are able to pause the Time4Learning high school videos. You also have an option on the lower left corner for a Transcript of the lesson. How cool is that?!
    And like Cameron mentioned, in your parent login you can find the Lesson Plans under the Parent Tools tab for the answer keys...also some additional Activity Details in the English courses.
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