Getting Caught Up?
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    Default Getting Caught Up?

    My dd(11) has autism, and is currently at a second grade level. Would we be able to work through T4L and get her caught up to grade level quicker?


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    Of course each child is different (regarding abilities as well as motivation), and I don't know the first thing about autism, but all three of mine (ages 13, 12, and 9) have worked at the 2nd grade level in T4L for nearly 3 months and are almost ready to move on to 3rd grade since they already knew lots of the material. (Actually, my youngest flew through the 2nd grade language arts curriculum and is halfway through the 3rd grade one already). took us several weeks to figure out which level to start them on. I started with the grade BELOW their actual (public school) grade level (so 5th, 4th, and my youngest AT grade level--3rd), but that proved too difficult for all three (the older two are cognitively delayed with math, reading comprehension, and processing delays). When that didn't work, I went down another year. And when that still didn't work (scoring 60-80% and still frustrated), I moved them all down to 2nd grade which I personally find far more engaging and fun for the kids (silly characters, fun to watch). And now they are enjoying themselves and actually learning.

    However, I don't expect mine to "catch up" anytime soon. We're making up a lot of lost time and have so much to cover for each grade level, I'm not sure they'll ever be ready to return to public school AT grade level. But we're working on mastery now, not teaching to the state test, so I'm OK with that.

    Catching up 3-4 years over the summer would be impossible for even the most motivated and capable student (unless you have her work on specific concepts and skip the rest--there are alot of skills covered in each grade here in T4L), but filling in the gaps of concepts your child struggles with is certainly feasible with T4L.

    Good luck!
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    I don't think I would concentrate so much on getting "caught up" as just working consistently and moving forward. Every child works at a different pace and every child learns differently. But every gain educationally is a good one, and even if you were able to move through just one grade level over the summer, what a lovely accomplishment that would be!! Do keep us posted how it goes with your DD!!

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