handwriting and oral language software ??
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    Default handwriting and oral language software ??

    1.) are there any handwriting software out there for autistic(DD) kids with fine motor issues ?? Just to clarify, what I am interested in for now is not writing skills but handwriting skills ,e.g. writing the letter 'A' , writing the letter 'B' and so on then maybe later handwriting individual words .

    2.) how about oral language software. my kid cannot speak at all. he has zero expressive speech but his receptive is good.

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    It isn't software, but my favorite penmanship program is Handwriting Without Tears. It was designed by an occupational therapist and is used frequently for children with special needs. It's what I've used with all my kids.

    Pencil Pete is downloadable handwriting software. You can see demos on their site.

    The program I'm most familiar with for oral language is Straight Talk. I expect to use it in a couple of years for my son with Down syndrome.

    A quick search for "expressive language software" turned up a lot of possibilities. Thanks for asking. I'll be checking some of them out myself.

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