Have a six year old son with ASD, need some feedback....
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    Default Have a six year old son with ASD, need some feedback....

    Hi Everyone.

    My son Alex is 6 years old, with very high-functioning ASD. My husband is in the Army and we are being transferred to Belgium for the next three years. However, I have been informed that the elementary school there can't support his needs(mainly, self-contained classrooms), so we are exploring the option of homeschooling. I can honestly say that this is not something I had ever pictured myself doing. I learned about Time4Learning from a friend.

    My question is this: Can Time4Learning stand alone as a homeschooling curriculum? I feel like I should at least supplement, but I have no idea where to even look. Please, any suggestions would be appreciated. My son is in the 1st grade, working at the Pre-K to Kindergarten level--meaning that he knows some sight words, can sound out simple words, and has started with simple word problems in math.

    Another question: When is it appropriate to start introducing other subjects, such as science and social studies? We do activities such as nature walks and simple experiments, but I'm not sure if these types of activities would count.

    Thank you for any feedback,

    Holley B.

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    Hi, Holley. Welcome!

    If you are doing simple experiments and going on nature walks with your son, you are ahead of the game already. When homeschooling, there is a very blurry line between "school" and "play", especially during the younger years. YOU know that having your child count the apples in a bin while you're getting groceries "counts" as math . . . but you don't have to tell him that. In his mind, he's "helping Mom".

    Click here to view a recent post about whether Time4Learning is "enough".

    First graders typically concentrate on learning to read and understanding math concepts. I like to refer to World Book's Typical Course of Study. Althought schools and parents will differ iin what they choose to teach in certain grades, this gives new homeschoolers a place to start. You can see that first grade science and social studies concepts are easily taught just by checking out library books and reading . . . about plants and rocks and trees and Abraham Lincoln and Johnny Appleseed! This is my personal favorite way to teach very young children.

    Time4Learning does offer some science and social studies lessons at the first grade level. Plan to finish them in just a few weeks, or to do either science or social studies about once a week. By third grade, Time4Learning's science and social studies are very complete.

    One popular supplements to Time4Learning is http://www.brainpopjr.com (one free movie/quiz/game per week, or unlimited access with a paid subscription). The free Movie of the Week is also available at the Time4Learning playground.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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