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    Hello. I have a 14 year old daughter who was being bullied in public school and the school did nothing about it from 1st til 6th grade. She had sensory disorders and test mr. She is now doing online school but it is not adapted and it's like I am in school and she is learning nothing. She would be in adapted and life skill classes if she still went to public school. Is this a good program to use for her? I am not sure on doing lesson plans and paperwork is why I was looking into this. After spending 8 hours doing her cyber school it is hard to try and get her to want to do additional work at her own level. With this program could I have her do say second grade math? She was still doing addition and starting subtraction of small numbers in public school? With cyber school it's fractions, algebra and so on. It is way to hard for her. She is doing better with reading since she has been home with me for a year now. Before that she couldn't read but for the sight words they taught her. We have been working on sounding things out. Does anyone know if her bsc(also a clinical psychologist) could do her evaluation papers? I'm assuming since she is still considered part of home school district I would submit paperwork to them. Her worker comes again this week so I will ask them if they will do it if it is allowed.

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    Hi, Sherri.
    I just replied to your other post. As a matter of fact, in my response I mentioned this Special Needs Time4Learning forum. But here you are! You'd already found it!

    So I won't repeat myself because I'm sure you'll read my response in your other post. I think Time4Learning would be a good fit for your daughter. It's certainly worth a try.

    See you around the forums, hopefully.
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