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    I am new to this and am joining this to hopefully get some support for the decision I'm thinking about making. I have an 11 year old son on the spectrum, with behavioral issues (admitted to inpatient psych twice). He can be the sweetest loving boy one moment and completely tormented the next. He is on Wellbutrin and Geodone which both work amazingly for him. I hate the idea of drugs in my child but compared to his quality of life without them I appreciate them. He has been attending a special program for kids with behavioral issues for about 1 and a half years but I'm finding that they often don't know how to meet his specific needs. He is also learning some horrible things from the other kids in this program which he brings home and doesn't understand how offensive they are. I am a stay at home mom/student myself, I am seriously considering getting him out of the system and teaching him at home. I'm a little nervous as I like a break when he is out of the house, but for the amount of phone calls I receive about his behavior at school I might as well have him home where he is comfortable and happy. Is that wrong to have him secure and comfortable??? I don't understand why it's necessary to start stress at such a young age. Children with special needs are just that. I look forward to reading posts and getting encouragement. I have both excitement and apprehension about this but I think I'm just going to do it.
    Nice to meet all of you.

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    Hi Carla! I am sending hugs your way. I completely understand you wanting AND needing a break sometimes. We all do, even those without special needs kids. And, no, it is not wrong to want your son to be secure and comfortable at all! It is completely the right thing to want.

    Homeschooling might just be what the doctor ordered. It won't always be easy, but it is very worth it in so many ways. About 20% of the folks who use Time4Learning are folks with special needs kids, so you are NOT alone. My DD has some special needs and T4L works great for her. She is in the Upper Level program. One thing that works great for us it that T4L lets you use the grade above and the grade below your level. For example, I placed my DD at the 6th grade level, so she has access to grades 5, 6, and 7. She is a little ahead in language so we sometimes go to grade 7 for language, but she is behind in math, so we use grade 5 for math.

    You can always try the trail package of T4L. I think it is a 2 week trail, to see if it is a good fit for you.

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    Default Give it try Carla I did and it worked well for us

    Hi Carla I am a single parent dad and we live inb Portland OR and I made the decision to homeschool my daughter when she finished the 8th grade. She had a TBI when she was a year old and suffered quite a lot of damage and in school she did not learn anything at all except how to be bullied so I pulled her and hooked her up thru an IEP to Connections Academy and she stayed with them thru High School and did learn to read and write well enough to use in her daily life. She just recently started back with Time4learning again because she enjoys it and she is almost 21 now but still wide open to learning. Hang in there and give it a try as it was the best decision that I ever made for her. Tom & Ashley
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    Hi. We are brand new to the T4L program and love it. Our Daniel had a rough start on life. His natural mom abused her body with drugs
    And alcohol and he was born with Fetal Alcohol Syn. With a few social and cognitive delays public school just wasn't working.
    He is at peace now and learning at his own pace and standard instead of one placed on him by others. It was a scary step to take,
    But we are so happy we did.
    Have a great day
    Daniels mom Phyllis

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