Hi! I have a Smart ASD 4th grader and I'm super frustrated...
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    Default Hi! I have a Smart ASD 4th grader and I'm super frustrated...

    I'll try to wrap my thoughts up as much as I can. Because we moved last year and I ended up in the hospital, the district and the social worker from the hospital forced my husband to register my daughter in the district even though she was already on a homeschooling schedule. With everything going on we didn't know she didn't legally need to be. Everything since then has been a huge hassle. Aside from that hubby's insurance stopped paying for OT and my daughter doesn't write well, it's like pulling teeth. She doesn't have great fine muscle control and she's left handed. Any time I mention there's a problem with a subject that the person at the district is now pushing - like writing - she states that I need to have her evaluated by the school's doctors even though she has a diagnosis since she was five. I'm confused and frustrated because everything gets twisted around and it seems like I'm gonna need an IEP through the school to homeschool my daughter which is what I was looking to avoid in the first place. They are constantly trying to get me to put my brilliant daughter in special Ed. Any ideas? And please no flames I'm already feeling very brittle. Thanks in advance.

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    I read your other post, and answered that one. I'll add a link here so you can find it.

    I hope you're able to resolve the issues you're having with the school.
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