High Schooler with Auditory Processing problems
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Thread: High Schooler with Auditory Processing problems

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    Default High Schooler with Auditory Processing problems

    I am trying to decide if T4L will be a good program for my daughter. We are finishing up 10th grade using FLVS, it was way too intense for her and way too much reading. She got through it but was not easy. So, now I am looking for another program. I have reviewed some of the sample courses, and I like how they "talk" and have lessons with a video. I am thinking this will work really well for her. Any other parents with kids that have auditory processing issues that have used this program? I am hoping she will be able to work more independent that she did with FLVS. I am a working mother and have to count on her being able to be more independent.
    Thanks for any input!

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    Time4Learning has many great features. As a working mom, I think you'll really appreciate the Progress Reports. These will help you keep track of how she's scoring in the work she does, and what work she's completing each day. It also makes record-keeping easier.

    I love the feature that allows my daughter to work at different grade levels in each subject. And I also like that it is student paced. It's so beneficial for her to be able to repeat lessons or quizzes/tests when she needs more practice or when she doesn't understand something.

    I would say, just try it! Each child is different. While one curriculum will be great for one child, it may not be for another. Even in the same family! It's a month to month subscription. So you can always cancel if it doesn't work out. But I would say give it a couple of months, and make adjustments to grade levels if you need to.

    Best wishes. Ask questions here if you need to. We're happy to help!Been there, done that!
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    I think T4L is going to work out well for your daughter. The lessons are self-contained, but after most activities, there is a quiz. During the videos, you will sometimes see a red "T" at the bottom. A transcript of the video can be printed; this can be used for notes. Also, after a video lesson, there will be highlights of the video across the screen. Those should be taken down as notes. Hopefully, someone whose child has the same issues will respond.

    Some of the activities have a "Resource," which is a worksheet that covers what was taught in the video lessons. You have access to the answer keys for the worksheets and the quiz answers under the parent login. Under the "Parent Resources and How-to Videos," just click on "Go-to Lesson Plans," and you can access the answer keys under each subject area.

    I hope this helps some.
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