home schooling for disabled child??
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    Default home schooling for disabled child??

    My son has many learning disabilities and I've always been supportive of the help we've received from our public school educators. They have always gone above and beyond - really it has been incredible. This year however, things have fallen apart and I'm am certain our son is no longer the focus of attention. His needs are being missed and it is time for us to make a move. I am a former special education para so I know I can help him at home with the right programs -- that said -- I am concerned about testing and how the system will react if/when he scores low. He currently has been unsatisfactory on his tcap testing - more because of his disability than anything else. I hope that as we teach at home we will be able to fill in some gaps -- and of course I would love to see that go up. That said, I am also realistic. He is not at grade level. How do we go about justifying to the state that being at home is better for him if we are not able to demonstrate this through testing? I've been told it can get pretty sticky in situations like ours? ANY help would be so appreciated. I want what is best for my amazing boy. He always works hard and I couldn't be more proud of him. He needs my best -- and with guidance I know he can thrive!

    Thank you!

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    Hi, Nancy.

    I'm sorry that your son is not getting the attention he needs and that his needs are being missed. My daughter has learning disabilities and she is doing great at home. She loves to read and really enjoys learning with Time4Learning.
    One of the wonderful benefits of Time4Learning is that our kids can learn at their own pace. I don't want to exasperate her by having her work under a deadline, but I also want her to be challenged enough where she is learning at her pace.

    We live in Florida, but reading the homeschool laws for Colorado I understand them to say that, like in Florida, you need to have your son tested or evaluated at the end of the school year, and your son only needs to show progress. I've provided a link I found through Google for the homeschool laws, but you may want to double check that. The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is a great resource for these types of questions. I would also suggest you find a homeschool support group in your area where you can get connected with other homeschoolers, maybe even some with similar needs as your family's. Our homeschool support group has been a great resource of information for us...and a great avenue for field trips and other homeschool events.

    For us, Time4Learning has been a great benefit. My daughter is able to repeat lessons as often as necessary to make a concept in a lesson more concrete. She enjoys the interactive lessons. And I particularly appreciate that she can work at different levels in each subject. This is helpful because my daughter is more challenged by math, so she's working at a lower level in math than she is in Language Arts. The progress reports on T4L also help me keep a record of her work, as it averages out her scores for each test/quiz and helps me see if I need to repeat a lesson with her.

    I hope I've answered your questions. And I hope someone else will chime in here with some advice. I know it can be a bit scary venturing into new grounds, but it seems like you are very well equipped, having experience in special education, not to mention that you are his mom and know his needs best! Let me give you a link to a Homeschool Guide for families who are new to homeschooling. I think you'll find this very helpful.
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