Hello everyone! I have what could be considered a brilliant idea and want to know what others think. My son just began 1st grade in a public school that I am overall happy with. Next year, without a Teacher's Assistant in the classroom I foresee increased stressors and think pulling him out of public school and providing a more quiet and controlled environment would be wise. My idea is to hire a special ed teacher and begin a homeschool with other high-functioning autistic students and have pragmatics and social skills be a part of every day learning. I'd like to keep class size small for obvious reasons (maybe 4 or 5 students total). My son has no perceivable learning disability but socio-emotional issues (does not want to be around other children, does not handle disappointment well) and sensory issues (noise mainly). I've heard from the few people that it should be easy to find a qualified teacher looking to get out of public school with the carrot dangle of small class size and cash payment (all monies collected would go to the teacher). Any Wake County (I live near RDU) parents interested in such an idea? Anyone have similar circumstances and care to share what they did to help their child learn? Thanks for advice and/or feedback!