How many hours per day doing T4L???? More Questions!!!
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    Default How many hours per day doing T4L???? More Questions!!!

    Hello all!

    I have a Kinder (ADD/Dyslexic) and a 1st (ADHD Dyslexic). The both love to work on the computer. They both have difficulty learning to read and print.

    How many hours per day should they work on T4L?

    How would I help both of them being on different computers at one time?

    Are they able to get help from T4L while they are on the computer or do I need to answer questions?

    PLEASE HELP with any other info or suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: How many hours per day doing T4L???? More Questions!!!


    At first I was just as worried as you,I also have a child with ADHD.

    They will both need your guidence until you get the hang of the program.

    Be patient, take it a day at a time.See how they do with a hour or two

    and slowly increase the amount of time as you see progression. What I

    love most about time for learning is the flexiblity. You can pick and choose

    the lessons that are right for you.


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    Default Re: How many hours per day doing T4L???? More Questions!!!

    I'm doing just two math "bubbles" and two language arts "bubbles" each day in the Kinder....I sit with my kid while he does it so I can repeat or explain if he doesn't get it. It takes about 40-45 minutes.

    I give him "pages" (photocopies) to work on making letters and numbers, counting, sequencing, cutting an pasting and mazes......maybe 6-8 pages.....he prefers to do these withOUT my supervision and will bring me the finished pages and/or the ones he wants "help" with......this takes about 30-40 min.

    I read to him a couple of times a day...about 20 min. each time.

    Otherwise we either do some kind of project or we run errands or cook, water the seeds we're growing, feed and play with the cats, build something, rearrange his neighborhood of appliance boxes......or go to the beach or paint......a lot of "unschooling" at our place.

    "SCHOOL" doesn't have to take all day or even most of the day.......I used to teach 30+ students for 6-7hrs a day and so much time was used up with classroom management; getting materials, putting things away, cleaning up the mess (we were VERY messy..., lining up to go to recess, computer lab, music class, PE, etc. With homeschooling...there's no wasted time so everything takes less time which leaves MORE time for the fun stuff and just living.

    Personally I think more than 45min to 1 hour on T4L is too much (at your kids's ages).....if you really think more is needed than you should break up the sessions and allow 30 minutes of "recess" between sessions. Since you have two who need your help with T4L, I would give one a color, cut and paste project and maybe a couple of tracer pages to do while you work with the other one on the computer.....or you could have one child do the starfall ( ) program while you're doing T4L with the other and then switch. That way you can give your full attention to each child. Just my 50 cents. Don't worry, You'll figure out what works best for you and your kids. enjoy the adventure! deni....
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