How Much Per Day?
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    Default How Much Per Day?

    Would you all please share how many lessons in T4L or how much time your special kids spend on it each day? I'm trying to figure out how much we should be doing (or could possibly be doing). Right now, it's not much, but we're really just getting started again. I just reactivated my daughter a couple of days ago.

    We have to work in very short spurts, but I admit I am worried since she is already nearly two years behind that we're going to slow and she'll never catch up with others her age. I'm not really in a hurry, but I don't want to feel like I'm not doing enough for her either.


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    I've always just gone at my kids' pace. That means sometimes doing more on some days, or working on weekends, or even taking a week off. I always let them stretch between each subject and take a little break. Then they seem ready and fresh to come back for more.

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    My youngest son has significant special needs, and "catching up" has never been a possibility. He's twelve and uses a combination of the pre-k, kindergarten, and just a little of the first grade curriculum. He has a very short attention span, so we do five or ten minutes worth of work many times throughout the day. I do think it's important to not exceed their attention span, because it's just wasted time.

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