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    Default I NEED TO KNOW

    My daughter has a learning disability and the way I been teaching her now is that for some reason she only like to do the language art on the T4L and use a mathbook for the math .I wanted to know do she have to do all the subject on the T4L or can I do it the way she want to do it?
    My other question is I make my daughter homeschool 6time a week which is a all day process because of her attention span I have to break every 20 minutes but I also have her go to a tutor 2 a week and it seem like it might be overwhelm for her do anybody think I'm doing 2 much for her ability ? Please let me know thank you

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    You can use and not use whatever you want with T4L. I know a lot of parents are using all subjects and some are only using like two or three. My son has an autism spectrum disorder and we sometimes have school seven days a week and others weeks two days. Some weeks we do a lot less then I would like because of his disorder so we try and make it up the following week. My goal is to have school four days a week but who knows if that will ever happen. I have learned just to go with the flow. I know if my son had to do school six days a week and go to a tutor two days he would be greatly overwhelmed and would probably make lessons take even longer. But that is my son, you know your daughter best. Maybe try out a few different things to see what works best. If you think she may be getting overwhelmed then take a bit of a break and only school four days next week plus her two tutor days.
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    You dont have to use T4L for everything. Some do, and some dont.
    As for that much school.... it seems like alot to me.
    We currently do 5 days a week, but operate on the PS school schedule. Next year, we are doing year round school schedule of 9 weeks of school and 2 weeks off. This allows us more breaks plus we are able to do 4 day weeks. They get every Fri off unless they mess up during the week and have to make it up. 2 Fri a month will be FREE days or they can do stuff with Dad. Other 2 Fri are Family days because I will be off as well.
    If you think your daughter is doing too much, that is the fun of homeschooling.... cut back! See if she operates better for a month on a shorter, slower schedule. If there is not change, then decide which one works better for you. If there IS a change, then decide again.. which one works better.

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    We pretty much stay with the ps schedule. M-F all subjects - summers are free assuming they finish their levels, which they should. They work about 4 hours a day.

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