I'm doing the happy dance!
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    Default I'm doing the happy dance!

    My 10.5yo daughter dx SLD started reading chapter books. I told her a few weeks ago that it would not be long and she would just pick up any book she wanted and just read it for fun. She rolled her eyes at me and said she didn't think reading would ever be fun!

    Well last Wed night she had a chapter book with her in the car on the way to Church (30 min drive) so I asked her why she chose Junie B Jones instead of one of her picture books or easy readers. She said she just wanted to read it for fun. Well, I just kept asking her to tell me what was happening in the story ( I had read it to her two years prior so I knew) and she was right on. She said when she was reading it was just like watching a movie in her head!!!! She said when she came across a word she didn't know she would figure it out from the words around it. Just like what she has been taught in T4L. She finished the book today, one week from when she started.

    Did you know we only started T4L 10 months ago! We started at the first grade level even though she was a 3rd grade student. We did all the games and activities. She loves getting the checks and stars. (she hates the quizzes and tests but everything else is super to her. I'm so thankful that I found Time4Learning and we plan to continue for quite some time.

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    This is awesome!! Congrats to you AND your daughter. I look forward to the day when I get to post something similar about both of my children.
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    That's wonderful to hear about your daughter!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    This is so wonderful to hear. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations.

    I know that my mood can swing 180 degree on relatively minor successes or setbacks with the kids.

    And yours is HUGE! Fantastic.
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    Praise the Lord..., what a GREAT testimony! This brings a huge smile to my face;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccpeterson
    This is awesome!! Congrats to you AND your daughter. I look forward to the day when I get to post something similar about both of my children.
    ME TOO!!
    Mother to 4, teacher to 5
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    Junie B Jones books are so much fun! Which one did she choose? Take her to a used book store that sells Junie B Jones and let her pick out a second one all on her own. What she'll love is that certain things repeat, like, "The B stands for Beatrice, but I just like B." And the teacher has a last name, but she just calls her Mrs.

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