Intertional Adoption
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    Default Intertional Adoption

    We are adopting from Eastern Europe this summer. Our son has physical handicaps and is listed with a moderate mental delay but we won't know anything really until he gets home because in his country if you have a physical disability it is assumed that you have a mental disability as well. His country has two languages that are very similar so he will also needto learn English and our county is famous for bullying in both the public and private schools so I am not really willing to bring my son home in late July and start school in August. He will be 5.5 so he isn't to mandatory age yet but I do want to find something goo to help him learn English and to begin to teach him. I refuse to put labels on his abilities until he has been home long enough to learn English and to learn what a family is after spending his life to this point in an orphanage. So where do I start to find the resources?

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    Hi KKelley,

    Congrats on getting a new member to family. How exciting for you all. As far as a great resource, Time4Learning is super. It is aligned to state and national standards. I would start him at the pre-k level and go from there. Try some of the demos to see how they work. Look around the site and see everything we have to offer...there is sooo much.

    Best wishes!

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    Hi KKelly~
    Adoption is a wonderful thing...Congratulations!
    Children that age can adapt so quickly to new cultures, I'm sure he will adjust in his new family in the blink of an eye!
    I will also readily agree that Time4Learning is a great tool to help coach him with his English speaking skills, but may I also suggest the Tag Reading System by LeapFrog? (You were not specific in regards to his physical limitations so I am unsure if that would be an option as it is a hand held device.) My 7 yr old Autistic son struggles greatly with his verbal skills and after purchasing the reading system we've found his verbal skills grow and become more understandable. He's got quite the library of Tag books now that he 'reads' over and over.
    Best of luck to you and your family!

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    Congratulations! We just adopted from Latvia in Eastern Europe. I'd love to know where you are adopting from. Would love to talk with you! Love talking adoption! [email protected]

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