Little Nervous But READY to Home-School!
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    Post Little Nervous But READY to Home-School!

    My Step Son was having a hard time in school. He is in ND grade and is very aggressive and violent with other children this is ONLY during school time.
    David has ADHD, and was living with his grandmother since he was a baby;His real mother is in prison and off and on drugs his whole life even during when she was pregnant with David.
    David was born as a crack baby.. David has alot of issues with mental problems.
    David was sexual,emotional,mental and physical abuses by his Grandmother..
    David was in a IEP Behavior class.

    We withdraw-ed him due to the safety of him and the other children.

    I know we can do this but His school is trying to cause problems with this..
    I thought its are RIGHT to educate our children???

    Has anyone else had this problem with there kids school in OHIO?

    thanks for reading
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    I don't understand why they would want to fight you if he is dangerous to other kids. Perhaps if they knew that he was going to be in some formal counseling and therapy, they may be a little less worried. Considering what has happened to him, they may be worried that he may not have access to all the help he needs, (although they don't sound like they are helping him very much with coping with people).

    So sorry you step son has been dealt this terrible start to life. It will take lots of love and patience on your part to help him work through all the stuff he will encounter as he heals and learns how to be himself in this world.
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