my child is behind and hates homework, shes 10 in 5th grade
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    Default my child is behind and hates homework, shes 10 in 5th grade

    I am trying to get my child to use the computer in her class she hates to write. She has an iep but I dont feel its been followed in the school. I am worried shes behind and has difficulty keeping up with a very demanding curriculm. Does any one have any suggestion

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    Default Re: my child is behind and hates homework, shes 10 in 5th grade

    I'm sorry to see no one responded to this. That isn't right!

    Ok, this is what you do. If you don't think the IEP is being followed than call a PPT meeting and ask for an update and examples that prove it is being followed. The school will probably push back, tell you it isn't necessary, even lie and tell you it isn't the right time of year or something like and that you can't have a PPT meeting.

    At that point you get your lawyer and ask again for a meeting. Then they'll bow down and race to accommodate you and have whatever meeting you'd like. Whether you actually bring a lawyer is up to you. Then have your meeting. I'd specific ask them to put goals and strategies in the IEP that addresses her reluctance to write.

    If you don't get what you want out of your meeting than you really do get a lawyer involved. If the school is not following the IEP then they are in violation of a contract. You can take them to court and you'll win. And they'll have to pay all of your legal fees. They don't want that.

    Of course, you could also do what many on this forum have done and pull your child out of school and educate her yourself. Time 4 learning is a great resource for this!

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    Default Re: my child is behind and hates homework, shes 10 in 5th grade

    Hi !

    Sorry to hear that your daughter is having such a hard time. My daughter was formally diagnosed with Dysgraphia in 2008 and hates to do any homework or class assignments that require writing by hand. She attended a private school, so IEPs aren't allowed. She does AMAZING well when she uses her computer (even bought a laptop for her to take to school) !!! We tried really hard to get the school to work with her and use her laptop as much as possible, but they weren't going to make any special accomodations for her. (She's also academically gifted. Had to have her tested on my own time and my own dime to find that bit of info........) Things got so frustrating with the lack of support given by both private and public schools that we opted to use T4L and homeschool. Be sure to have the school test her for Dysgraphia and Academic Giftedness. LOTS of kids get labeled as lazy, slow, etc.....when what's really happening is that they are bored !!!

    Good Luck !!!


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    Default Re: my child is behind and hates homework, shes 10 in 5th grade


    There is another option before the attorney. First (if you haven't already) ask the teacher for a copy of the plan she has for instituting the IEP and specific times it is carried out. Second, show up at the school at those times as a visitor to "peek in" on the effectiveness of the IEP (under the guise you want to make sure your child is holding up her end). Then when you have proof it is not being followed, contact the principle. Now before contacting the principle, find out the name of the Superintendent of the School District, the address and the phone number. When you talk with the principle let him/her know you plan on contacting the Superintendent of the School District if you are not satisfied with the implementation AND progress of your daughter with this IEP. Follow up with the principle if it starts working and your daughter starts to progress, and if the school still fails, contact the superintendent.

    This process will help you help your daughter in one of two ways. One, she'll get the help she needs at school and will be successful with her education. Not to mention, the principle will jump through hoops for you as long as your child goes to that school. Or two, you'll find the effort to deal with the public school system a fruitless waste of time and that your knowledge of your daughter and your personal investment in her future equips you far better to teach her
    than someone collecting a paycheck, in which case you'll pull her out without any reservations and home school her. Either way you win, you get a good education for your daughter.

    Hope this helps.

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