Natural Reader can't read some of the LA lessons
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    Default Natural Reader can't read some of the LA lessons

    Hi- Both of my sons have language/communication disorders and one is on the autism spectrum. We rely on a text to speech reader to help them get through the lessons, but we're running into difficulty because some of the lessons (maybe Flash based ones?) can't be highlighted and read by the reader. I searched back in the forums and saw this was brought up 2 years ago as an issue also. When is something going to be done to fix it? I understand that T4L did not create the software... but this is something that makes T4L-- or parts of it-- inaccessible to a lot of kids who need to have a text reader. Has anyone figured out a way around it besides me sitting there and reading everything to them?

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    Dawn, Hey girl!!!!! My life has been so crazy I have not had time to stop by your blog lately. Promise I will tonight!!!!! Miss those ABC'd of Homeschooling. D

    o you use Mac? there is one built into Apple's Mac. That is what my son uses. What kind of computer are you using and I will see if I can find out if your computer has one built in like our mac does. There is always Pete the bird but he is not always the best at reading everything. My son needed everything read to him so we had to go w/ our mac's text to speech.

    Skool Time also helped me out when I first joined on this matter to. I hope her profile link goes through View Profile: srbrts - Parent Community and Forum If it does not just look up srbrts or skool time those are here two names on her profile. She is a wealth of info on this subject.

    Hope to see you around some more.
    Lil' Momma Strouse
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    Umm forgive me for asking but I wanted to better understand your childs condition. Is your child so disabled he they will be living with constant care? Just want better understanding.
    I feel if this the case then yes reading skills are probably not important since there will always be a device or someone present and there would be no need to test or practice the reading skills anyways.

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