Need Help my 8 year old still cant "hear" rhyming words
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    Default Need Help my 8 year old still cant "hear" rhyming words

    Need help my 8 year old still can't hear rhyming words!
    I don't know what to do, it seems she is falling farther behind I have tried different ways to teach it, even with the T4L program she says she still just doesn't get it. Ever sense she was little she has not been able to repeat nursery rhymes correctly, She will either add words into it, or just plain cant remember them.

    I think that she may have dyslexia as well. She has had speech issues, which I have finally got her started in therapy for the articulation. But as far as the school system went she never qualified for services. I think there are learning disabilities going on here, but where to start what to do?
    It seems her memory has gotten really bad after she turned 5, before that she remember extremely detailed things from the time she was 13 months old. The only way she can remember words is with flash cards, but gets stressed out when they are put into sentences. She also says she can't really hear two letter blends and gets really frustrated.
    The other problem is when she counts she will often skip some numbers, same with the alphabet, she always skips "t,u,v" if you ask her to sing it.

    I have to walk her through many things, or reword things for her in the program.

    ANY suggestions appreciated, I dont want her to fall any further behind.
    Thanks Lisa

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    My daughter did not understanding ryhming words for the longest time either. However she did pick them up after a long while. I will tell you what eventually worked for me but you will need a partner.
    The partner and I started out saying words that all started with same letter Bread- ball- bead- bonk- then after awhile we would ask the child if she thought of one. most of the time my daughter interrupted with her own words because she felt left out. We would praise her if she was right and just keep going if she was wrong.

    when she was hearing the beginning sounds really well is when we switched up to sounds at the end of word. bat- hat- begat- fat- rat-
    We were doing flash cards and clapping in her kindergarten class if they sounded the same you clapped if they did not you did not.
    bake- cake- rhyming *clap*, ball- well- ohhh no rhyme, ball- tall- rhyming * clap*

    When I sing the abc's I slow down for many spots. L- M- N- O- P my daughter would say elum- opee. I found having her touch the letters while singing really helped and she learned there names at the same time.
    Basically if she is not learning it one way flip flop it and teach it the opposite way or way you would think it would make it harder.
    I found my daughter will not learn a simple lesson till she sees a harder one she has to use the simple one in.

    For speech impediments I used "100 lessons to teach your child to read" It practices letter sounds and holding the sound while touching a line. I also used a CD called "toungue excersizes" it is musical instruction excersizes for your mouth. Also chewing gum if she does not swallow it yet and clucking your toungue.

    For memory I am sorry to say the only thing that worked with my daughter was speech flooding. Every single minute of the day you describe every single thing you see, that you are doing, and thinking. Then routine and socialization with other kids so she can share what she knows and uses it.

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    I think you are right to feel like there is an LD. Have her tested. Some dyslexics can't hear/ differentiate phonemes. Have you looked at AVKO?

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