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    Hi, I am a stay at home mom now in Ashburn, VA. for the last two years. My son just turned 16, high functioning autistic, and is learning at 6th grade level in math and language arts. He is at grade level for Science for the most part until it becomes math related then he gets confused FAST. He LOVES History and reading.

    He did really well in his early years of elementary school, and it was not until I would say 4th grade that things started going down hill. His dad and I were working so there was no way we could home school him so we tried to just keep working with the schools. In middle school he started getting bullied, the school tried to help , but there was only so much they could do. I blame myself at this time I got really sick, turned out I had Cancer and had to have several treatments and drugs so I was not nagging the school as much as I should have. We moved and he switched middle schools things just got worse for him. He was not learning anything as far as I could tell. Bullying was out of control until he no longer wanted to go and I was being called into the school nearly every day. (still sick) The school forced us to have him psychologically evaluated and said they thought he would harm himself. We did that and he went back to school. Same thing daily calls to come and get him. He does not have behavior problems, but stopped responding to the teachers. I tried to get him into a special needs school, but would have needed the school district to pay for it and they said no because the school he was in could meet his needs. His therapist also agreed he needed to be in an autistic school with teachers that would know how to teach him. The teachers were saying that he is doing great after a while but refused to send any work home and I could tell he was not improving. I complained, and set up meetings, but it seemed they would tell me what I wanted to hear then do nothing.

    I got better, Cancer free We decided we would home school him. Something my son had begged us to do for three years. So for his 9th grade year and now the 10th grade year I have been homeschooling him and he is doing Awesome. He is really thriving... Now he wants to return to public school. I am very nervous about him going back. Now he'll be in High school. A whole different ball game than middle school. He will be in the same school as the kids who bullied him for years. But he also has some friends there and he wants to be there with them. I don't know what to do. I am also worried because he is still behind in Math and language arts for the most part. But he is doing way better than he was doing before homeschooling. I would really appreciate any thoughts or advice anyone can give me. Thanks

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    Arrow Hang in there! Sounds like you are doing the right thing. ,

    I too will be taking my fourth grader out of the public school system as this yr. has been frusttrating to him . Cody has FAS. His IEP was taken away last yr due to school belief that he doing average and now grades down hill. He got an T in math which tends to be his weakest subject.Often he has problems in information processing

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    Congratulations on beating cancer!!

    I also went through the school calling me on a daily basis to come pick up my daughter. She would have a meltdown and they did not know how to handle it. Then they were threatening me with truancy!

    I would let your son decide what he feels is the best fit for him, if he wants to go back to public school then I would encourage it! High school students are less likely to bully.

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    Hi northernVAmom! COngratulations on overcoming cancer and on your homeschooling achievements!
    If your son has expressed the will to return to scholl then he is ready to deal with the potential bullying issues. I would let him get back to school. Good luck and keep us posted!

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