New & have ?s about Visual Processing difficulties and T4L
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    Default New & have ?s about Visual Processing difficulties and T4L

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new and very interested in T4L. First let me apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum but I posted this on the forum for those thinking about using T4L and it didn't show up so I'm posting here. I could really use some help.

    I have a 3rd grade son that I just withdrew from a very discouraging school experience. He has trouble with visual processing which makes writing and reading very, very, difficult. We are doing 120 mins of educational therapy each week and I'm homeschooling using an online public charter school. I'm a bit frustrated with the program, however, because it isn't very flexible or fun for that matter and I need to make more time for hands on creative stuff.

    I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with visual processing disorders and how T4L works for you. Do you have time for project based learning, or unit studies? What has workded for you?

    Another question... could I use T4L and something like Five in a Row. My son has always been so happy and confident and excited about learning, but after his recent experience with a teacher who felt it was OK to use fear and shame to "motivate", he is much less excited about learning and certainly not as confident. I think that we need a little healing and we need to have fun learning again. Any advice?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Default Re: New & have ?s about Visual Processing difficulties and T4L

    Hello. I do not have experience with visual processing disorders, but I wanted to welcome you to the Time4Learning program. I bet it will work great for your child.

    T4L is very flexible. It can be used as a core curriculum or you can add to it. I have never used Five in a Row, but I know others use it with T4L.

    We often do unit and/or project based studies, usually initiated by something in Time4Learning. I think lapbooks are a great extension to some of the T4L units. They are a nice time away from the computer and let the kids use art and creativity to enforce what they were learning. ... CB0QsAQwAA

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    Default Re: New & have ?s about Visual Processing difficulties and T4L

    Hi! My son has (I think) an auditory processing disorder and unlike everybody else's kids, he's not as fond of T4L as other kids.....I'm not sure if it's the sound that bothers him or if it's just his reluctance to do "school"........*L* I know there are other parents on this list who have children with processing disorders who feel that T4L is great with their kids. There are quite a few parents here who use five in a row and others who use Charlotte Mason as well as other programs along with T4L. I'm sorry that your son had such a terrible time in PS....I was a public school teacher for many many years and I know how bad some teachers can be.

    I don't know if you understand that the charter school program you're using is "school at home" and not actually "homeschooling." I know that it's scary jumping off into homeschooling, but you can do it......T4L is a good program that covers all the basics so you can be confident using it as your base and then adding whatever best suits yourself and your kids. We do projects and a lot of unschooling in our house because that's what works for us.

    I don't know what kind of 'educational therapy' you're doing.....I'm starting to do Brain Integration Therapy with my son using Diane Craft's manual for parents. ( ) She has a manual for parents (about $30.) and one set of her exercises is for children with visual processing disorders. You might want to take a look at her website.

    You might also want to give your son a break from his frustrating school experience by switching to T4L and doing some projects with him. The best part of homeschooling is the flexibility to create your own learning experiences. You'll find your way.....and you're not alone. deni....
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    Could your child's visual processing trouble be dyslexia? (Dyslexia: reading issues & dysgraphia: writing difficulty?) Read the book Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz (from this you'll know right away). Also, check out the website, there's lots of GREAT information there that will be helpful. My son has used T4L for a year now and he loves it! (He experienced similar teacher "motivation" issues as your son did.) For the exact reasons you mentioned, I couldn't imagine using the online public charter school option. TL4 has offered us the time for healing (and confidence-building by learning at my son's pace). With T4L you'll be able to support your child with reading while he gains knowledge and confidence. Soon you'll see how your child learn's best. It has been very rewarding for both my son, and me.

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