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    I have been doing T4L for about a year on and off. I have some questions. I do a lesson plan on my own but how do I do a lesson plan with the T4L? I home school my almost 9 yr old. He has Autism (mild), SID, ADHD, LD and and some muscle problems. He loves T4L!! WE started out the year with K12 and it was to fast for him. He is doing 2nd grade work on T4L. Any ideas on what I can do that would be great!! Thanks for all you time and any help.

    Mindy in Arizona

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    You can access the Time4Learning lesson plans by logging in as a parent and scrolling to the bottom of the page. For most people, it's a simple matter of dividing the number of lesson activities by the number of days in their school year and having their student do that many activities per day. When children have special needs, they often need to proceed at their own pace. I don't care how quickly my son with special needs learns, as long as he is making steady progress.

    Time4Learning is great for that type of situation. Just have your student log in and follow the arrow, doing as few or as many activities per day as he can needs to. You can have him do one or two activities in each subject, or concentrate on one subject per day.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Hi Mindy, My youngest daughter is 12 and has autism. She is in the moderate range. We are new to home schooling and just started time4learning as our homeschool curriculum, about three or four weeks ago. She is working on levels 1 and 2 in all subjects. What works for us, for instance doing a Math assignment on computer, printing resource and then doing quiz, if I feel she is understanding it. If I feel she needs more practice we will repeat this the next day until she understands and then we will take the quizz. We will do one assignment in each subject and quiz if ready, except Language Arts because she is better in this area. In Language Arts she will do up to five different things for example: Phonics, High Frequencey words, Vocab, Comprehension, and Writing. We skip the timed reading because this puts her on sensory overload and anxiety goes through the roof. I have just been for the most part going down the list of what the program has listed in order, except for a couple of times. Between each subject I let her take a little break and set a digital timer I picked up from Walmart. This allows her to get her sensory out and process what she has just learned. I've had to adjust other things a bit like covering the mouse with my hand so she doesn't get click happy and have her tell me what the answer is because her hand goes quicker than her mind at times or maybe she is just trying to rush through it. After she finishes a subject I will write down what she will be doing the next day. This helps me to stay oraganized and a step ahead of her. Good Luck to you.


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    My daughter has a learning disablility in reading, so the ps says. I'm homeschooling this year and yes she is struggling in reading but I don't know that you would call it a disability. My middle daugther which is 21 now struggled terribly with reading, it made her self-confidence go way down and she never fealt smart. Still to this day her self-esteem is terrible and it has carried over into her adulthood. I'm worried that my 8 /12 year old little girl will fall into this trap of thinking she's not smart enough.

    I'm finding myself becoming so overcome with trying to help my young daughter because I don't want her to feel like my older daughter. Though she has made some progress this year she isn't where she should be. She is probably reading more on a second grade level then third. I'm dealing with a crisis in our family right now, and it's so hard somedays to sit down and feel additional stress from trying so hard to be a sucessful homeschool mom. Pray for me, Please!


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