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    Default New here 1 Autistic /1 Gifted

    We are new here on the trial but I can see already that there is no going back I was looking for something computer based for my 5 year old son with high functioning autism. He is responds very negatively to work books etc but really positively to anything on the computer. We figured this little gem out by using We heard about T4L on an autism homeschooling message board on yahoo. We had him with an IU program but he was getting so depressed and extremely negative about "school" so we decided it would be better all around to have him at home where he was comfortable and felt safe.

    I have been cyberschooling my 15year old daughter through Connections Academy for 3 years so we are not new to doing this at home. We took our 7 year old out of a gifted charter school and put him with Agora but are moving him to CA with his sister for the next school year. We decided to let him do T4L over the summer to keep him fresh...he is hooked...I hope we can wean him off when the school year starts

    We have another daughter who is on summer break from traditional middle school who would like to give this a try for the we are tossing that around. I will give that more consideration as I continue to read through the posts


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    Hi, Cami! Welcome to the board.

    Be sure to keep us posted on how things are working for you.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Sorry I'm posting so late.

    I have a son with autism, as well. Time4Learning works well for us, as workbooks made my poor boy break pencils out of frustration. Computers are a good fit for for him as he has fine motor delays.

    It seems that a lot of kids with HFA and Asperger's do very well with Time 4Learning.

    If you have any questions, post 'em on the forum and I'll answer autism-related ones if I can. You could also drop me an email.

    Glad you found Time4Learning, and look forward to talking with you again.


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    Default Autism / Asperger's


    Hi Cami,

    My name is Beth. I saw your post from summer '08 but I thought I'd see if you're still using T4L with your autistic son. I have a son who has been diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder but I associate it with Asperger's more just because... long story.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to talking with moms in my boat because so far, I know of no one.

    Anyway, just thought I'd check in with you and see how it's going and say hi.


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    Default Re: New here 1 Autistic /1 Gifted

    Beth, T4L has been great for my son(15) but make sure you watch their grades. I pull them every Friday to make sure he is understanding what he should be learning and that he works to get good grades instead of rushing through the hard stuff.

    We also use the City Parks and Rec program for extra curricular activies (they cannot refuse your child because of a disability) for any of their programs so that works for P.E. and social.


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