New here. 8 yr old DD with a traumatic brain injury.
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    Default New here. 8 yr old DD with a traumatic brain injury.

    Hi all,

    Just puttin' it out there that i'm new here. My good friend recommended T4L for my girl since she's seen some great success with her boy who is dyslexic. She is loving it! I'm so pleased that she enjoys it, I can barely get her to read a book on her own without her saying "I quit", but with this, she feels like she's in control, she definitely needs to have this for her confidence. She just asked me if she could spend her birthday money on a clock and a watch, because she likes the time section in the math. I'm looking forward to getting ideas from you women that have been there. She has a TBI from a car wreck 3 years ago. She sees an orton-gillingham specialist 3 times a week, has an aide in her classroom with her for the academic portion and now T4L, I think we'll be having a good year!


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    Default Re: New here. 8 yr old DD with a traumatic brain injury.

    Welcome to Time4Learning! I hope Marissa continues to enjoy the program. We have two girls doing T4L (9 and 6 1/2) and they absolutely love it. Our son even thinks it's great, though for now he just gets to sit on the sidelines (he just turned 3).

    I read Marissa's story on Carepages and started reading through your updates. I haven't read them all yet, but I wanted to tell you that you are truly an inspirational mother. Your entry on June 12, 2006 was particularly touching. It's amazing how God reaches down to touch our lives in so many meaningful ways we don't realize until later. Thank you for sharing the link to her story in your siggie.

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    Default Re: New here. 8 yr old DD with a traumatic brain injury.

    Oh Jennifer,

    I am SO glad you're here! I LOVED your caringbridge pages. You have done a fabulous job recording this experience and always seeing the Lord's hand in everything. I also loved all your pictures. My absolute favorite was where your little boy had on your daughters nightgown and you wrote, "We're fine with it!" Praise the Lord that Time4Learning is giving your daughter success.
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