New Here/Anyone doing DAN protocol?/Any PANDAS children?
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    Default New Here/Anyone doing DAN protocol?/Any PANDAS children?


    I am new to time4learning and new to the forum. Here is my story (as brief as I can make it!):

    My 5 year old has severl different dx's but the one that forced us into homeschooling is PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with streptococcal infections). When he gets a strep infection he develops OCD and Tourette's symptoms overnight. This school year has proven to be the worst for strep infections, one after another, so I began to think that there may be a "strep carrier" in his class. I decided to homeschool him to see how I/he likes it and to see if his symptoms disappear. We are now one week into it and I am very pleased at how well he is doing and how much I enjoy homeschooling (even though he is a handful right now)!

    His other dx's (which I believe are all related to PANDAS): Sensory Processing Disorder, dyspraxia, Adaptive Disorder.

    Also, I was wondering if anyone here has done/is doing the DAN protocol? I have been doing it for both of my boys (I also have a 21 month old who began developing early signs of autism at the age of 12 months). The success I have seen with this has been too good to be true. My 5 year old's auditory proc. dis. has completely disappeared, as has his allergies and asthma/croup - COMPLETELY! The baby's autistic signs completely disappeared, too. When my friend saw what was happening to my children she immediately got her PDD-NOS child to the DAN doctor and he came off the spectrum within a couple of months. I realize that this is a very hot topic (DAN protocol, vaccines, etc.) and I don't wish to get into a debate about it (I have been told off by one too many people for going this route)...just thought I would share our experience for anyone who is interested!

    I look forward to getting to know some of you!

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    Hi Stephanie,
    I am very interested in your story. I recently began researching the DAN protocol and am finding it fascinating to say the least. I have 9 children. I am in the process of getting an eval. for sensory processing disorder for my 6yos. He has a recent ADHD dx. I also have an older child and myself with bipolar disorder dx's. I do not doubt the validity of the dx's at all since there is a very strong family history. (My mom, myself, my son, my cousin, my brother and we believe my grandmother was undiagnosed.) However I do wonder if there are similar things going on with other brain disorders such as bipolar. So out of 9 kids I have 2 with ADHD, 2 with anxiety disorder and depression, 1 with a learning disorder, 1 with bipolar disorder, 1 with a speech delay and I believe 1 has ADD but have not requested an eval. I also see signs of sensory processing issues in most of the kids and myself. I sometimes wonder if 1 child is actually on the spectrum. That is 6 or 7 of 9 kids with a mental/neurological dysfunction. Also 7 of 9 are diagnosed with asthma. At least 2 of them had severe allergic reactions to a particular food as a baby. One of them it was dairy and the other it was oats. The Dr.s never really seemed to believe me but I took them of the offending food anyway. Both of these kids ended up eating those foods again later.They are teenagers now so it would be really hard to implement the diet now but they both have symptoms that could be related. I would love to find a DAN doctor but we have medicaid and I doubt that I could find one that accepts it. If this topic proves too controversial for the boards feel free to email me.
    Thanks and Blessings,

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