New homeschooler with Aspie...need advice please :)
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    Default New homeschooler with Aspie...need advice please :)

    Hi all....
    I've decided to take the leap into homeschooling my 10 year old Aspie son. I feel confident that we are making the right choice, except the problem is we are not sure what the choice should actually be.
    Here's the thing. My son was diagnosed a year ago but we knew long before that something was wrong as far as school went. Since KG he would scream and cry every morning to go to school and every night before bed begging not to go the next day. Guaranteed I would get a call at least once a week from a teacher about his behavior....mostly his refusal to do the classwork. Once the diagnosis came it all made sense, so we pulled him from the school that wasn't doing him any good (if you're not a cookie cutter kid there you don't survive) and put him into a very small school with special needs trained teachers. He has improved academically and socially in the past 2 years there but he still begs and pleads to not go to school ever again. I know he is no longer being bullied and he is not being abused in any fact, the staff is very supportive and gives him a lot of leeway if he's having an "off" day. Still, given his absolute hatred of traditional school and all things called "learning", we feel he may be happier at home and will excel beyond our expectations at this point.
    Here's the thing: I'm a fairly "lazy" parent, meaning I don't want to be doing charts, logs, lesson plans, etc etc, all the things that homeschooling seems to entail. Obviously supervision and help is needed and that's fine with me but not an 8 hour day of said chores...I dislike school just as much as he does. So I looked into T4L and K12 and FLVS type schooling for him, thinking it would be perfect because everything is done up and there are teachers online to follow up. Another homeschooling mom reminded me that what we are doing now DOES NOT WORK for him (traditional schooling) and that bringing the same thing home will simply be more of the same resistance. I tend to agree! So now what do I do? I'm fairly certain once he unschools a bit and relaxes, he will be more willing to learn....right now it's like beating a dead horse....but should I bring brick and mortar home or go the full hippie mom type thing, making up lesson plans on my home made paper that I slaved over all night lol? I'm at a loss here. I don't know what combining the two systems entails, nor do I even understand where I will be starting with him because his days are so very structured at school and I want a much more relaxed approach at home. He likes and needs structure yes but it gets really old really fast for him. If you're still with me at this point I appreciate it! Long post but I hope somebody can guide me. Thank you

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    Hello Poddygirl.

    I can totally relate to you wanting to bring your son home to homeschool him. First let me apologize that you I didn't see your post earlier and you haven't received a response.
    I'm sure it's a relief for you to know that your son is in a safe environment and you are able to work for your son's benefit with a supportive staff. But a big factor to the equation is missing, and that is that your son is not enjoying learning. He's pleading with you to homeschool him. Personally, I would give it a try. There's nothing that says you can't go back if you find it out homeschooling is not a good fit for your son or for your family.
    I had to laugh a little when you inferred to homeschooling as being a full hippie mom type thing. My daughter would take that as a compliment. She likes being called a hippie. She likes the style. So it's a compliment, though I don't think I've ever heard homeschooling referred to as a hippie mom type thing. lol

    I wonder what you've decided to do. So I hope you respond to my reply to you. I'm hoping you've decided to or are still considering bringing him home. We've been using T4L for several years now and cannot be happier with it. My daughter actually enjoys learning! She loves the interactive lessons. I like that I don't have to plan lessons and that it makes my record-keeping easier. I just go over to the progress reports to see how she's scored in her lessons/quizzes. If she scores low on a quiz, we repeat the lesson together so I can help her out where she's having trouble. But for the most part, she can do the lessons alone...though I'm always nearby so she can ask me for help. Now I do want to clarify that there aren't teachers online to help you out. But we haven't needed one yet. There have been times that I've supplemented a lesson just to give my daughter more practice. We also supplement with good books. We'll borrow books from the library on whatever subject she's covering in her lessons. We also watch educational movies and go on lots of field trips.

    Since Time4Learning covers all the lesson planning and record keeping, I'm freed up to spend more time with my family.

    Lastly, I want to give you a link to a Homeschool Guide for new homeschoolers. This was put together by a few veteran homeschool moms on Time4Learning. You should find it very helpful. Also, please feel free to ask more questions.
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
    blogging our homeschool experiences at The Learning Hourglass

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