New to Homeschooling Need help with Disabled 6th grader
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    Default New to Homeschooling Need help with Disabled 6th grader


    I am new to homeschooling my disable 6th grader and need assistance.

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    Hi Sherrylawrence295. Welcome! Are you using Time4Learning? What kind of assistance do you need? Can you give us a little more information so we can better assist you? Is the disability you mention a learning challenge?

    Many children with differing abilities have used Time4Learning. It is easily adaptable. You are able to set the grade level where you want your child to be. Then you have access to the material one grade above and one below. You can also set different grade levels for each subject.

    For example, my daughter is doing 4th grade Language Arts, 3rd grade math and middle school science. Some lessons she is able to do independently, while others I sit beside her and help her through them. If after reviewing her Report I see that she has scored low on a quiz or test, I will have her repeat some of the activities related to that quiz or test.

    I hope this was somewhat helpful.
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