New to homeschooling with special need
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    Default New to homeschooling with special need

    Hi! I'm in Virginia and have somewhat of an unusual case. I have just adopted our son this year. He moved in with us when he just turned 12, adopted at 13 and he's soon-to-be 14. He has drastically struggled academically as bio family never pushed education and he has an IEP and it seems he's just been pushed through the school system despite his dramatic lack of knowledge for his age/grade level. His math is probably more on 3rd/4th grade as well as his English, but his science is probably closer to grade level. Will Time4Learning allow him to be on differing grade levels for different classes despite his current age? I need something that will truly assess what grade level he more aligns with each subject. We have yet to pull him from public school, but I'm in the process of lining up each of subjects and preparing my NOI to do so in the coming few weeks.
    Thanks for any and all help!

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    you can adjust the grade level for each subject...i believe you can go up or down 1 grade level. for example, we do a 7th grade level in all subjects except for math where we have it set at 6th grade. you adjust the level in your parent account settings hope that helps!

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    Time4Learning is very flexible and it's student paced. You can select a different grade level for each subject. And your child will have access to a grade level above and below the level of your choice. You can also adjust grade levels any time. If you decide you want your 'default' grade level to be different, just login to your Parent Administration page and request the change there.

    Once you sign up, I recommend you access your Parent Administration page. There are a lot of videos and great tips and helps on getting started. You'll want to also view your student's Reports and Lesson Plans. Time4Learning is very easy to navigate for both kids and parents.
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