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    I'm La and I signed up for my daughter S. My daughter is legally blind (some vision, but reads text and braille) and was adopted from an institutional setting in another country when she was 5 to 7 years old (they said she was 7, we and the doctors said NO WAY is that child 7!), she is now 11 years old... possibly 13... and in 4th grade. In addition to her vision impairment, she has what I can only describe as processing issues and the words in her sentences do not always come out in the correct order. She gets support from school for her vision (VI teacher comes in every day for 45 minutes and she has an aide that sits with her at different times of the day) and speech (2 times a week) but due to state rules, as long as she can accurately read the material, she will get no special ed support for comprehension and writing issues. We had her repeat 2nd grade because we thought it was a language issue and she could catch up - it worked to a point, but she is starting to slide back down the hill again.

    She misses most of what goes on around her - I sometimes think she's in her own little world. She gets very upset when presented with new material, scheduling changes, or people not following the rules. She is very passive and may not even say hi to kids that come up to her that she knows. I am having her privately tested for Asbergers because the school will not do it - they arent allowed to provide 'labels' anymore.

    If I read a short passage to her and then ask her questions about it - she cannot answer higher order questions. If she reads the same passage - she still cannot answer the questions. If there is a video playing and she's suppose to pull out the most important parts of the information, she cannot. If there is a non-fiction writing assignment and she's writing about something she is familiar with, she can probably produce between 5 and 10 sentences of material. If asked to write a fiction story - she will completely shut down... she has zero imagination to pull from.

    S is going to keep attending public school, but since the school will not help me, I'm going to try to help her myself. Its always been my mantra that she will be independent, go to vocational school/college, have a job/be a productive member of society, and live on her own... but right now the weight of the events of the last 2 weeks are making me take a step back and wonder if she's ever going to comprehend enough to live on her own and not be taken advantaged of.

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    Sorry to hear things have been hard the last few weeks. {{{Hugs}}} You are a good Mom and I am sure with your guidance, S will be just fine because she knows you believe in her and expect her to do great things in life.

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