New from new Zealand with ASD children
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    Default New from new Zealand with ASD children

    I am new to time 4 learning, and am hoping this will fit my sons well, we did try it a couple of times but never got past a week or so as my son finds it hard to stick with anything, however I am determined that it will work this time. I have a 10 year old son who is ASD, ADHD, Dyslexic, Dysphragia, extreme anxiety, OCD, ODD and Tourettes Syndrome, so he has a lot going on and we take things slow and easy. I am wondering how other peoples days flow with T4L, how do you schedule your day, do you add other things to it? I also have a 2 year old who is Autistic and non verbal and he takes a lot of my time, I am enrolling him in the Prek program just so he can learn like his big brother. Any help or advice to keep the momentum going, things to add to it, or take away, any advice at all most welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Kiwi Homeschoolers,

    My daughter with special needs has Down syndrome. We started at pre-k and she's now in varying grades depending on the subject. Language Arts is her best subject, so she's at 4th grade. Math is her challenging subject, so we do 2nd and 3rd grade for that. We were doing 4th grade science, but although she loves to read, there was too much reading for her and it wasn't engaging enough. So I requested the middle school science. She's doing well with that level for science.

    My daughter can do two lessons in each Math and Language Arts. Then she takes a break and we do science together. She used to take more breaks, but as she has gotten older, she's been able to work longer. At one time we used an exercise ball instead of a chair. For some reason that helped. Oh, I also had her do jumping jacks when I noticed she was getting restless. It's okay if they take little breaks or repeat lessons as often as needed. We really appreciate that feature.

    If my daughter is having trouble understanding a concept or a new lesson, I'll look for additional videos or hands on crafts or other ideas to help her better understand. For example, one of the lessons was about butterflies. I looked for images and videos on the butterflies' life cycle. We also bought a milkweed plant and observed the process. This was really interesting! We also make time for field trips and other subjects, like language. We're part of a co-op right now where we're doing art and Spanish. That's on Thursdays. So on Thursdays, she'll only do Math and Language Arts on T4L. Same if we have a field trip.

    There's a mom who uses Time4Learning who wrote an ebook about teaching a child with Dyslexia. Have you read it?It's a free ebook and it's titled Successfully Homeschooling Your Child with Dyslexia. I've added a link for you.
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