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    Default New to T4L

    Hello all,

    My name is Amanda and I home school my three oldest children. My son has Asperger's and we just started with T4L last week. We were previously enrolled in K-12, and at first he did good with it and then began to lose interest. There was a lot of paper work and he is much more visual.
    So far, he has been excited everyday to do his work. Language Arts is his favorite where as before, he hated it.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for this program, since I am new?
    I look forward to getting to know all of you, and having the support that I do not get in a small community.

    Amanda Higgins

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    Default Re: New to T4L

    Welcome!!! I have been using T4L since the beginning of August with my 11 yr old son who has Asbergers and so far all has gone well. I started out letting him pick what he wanted to do but we both became frustrated. He was constantly asking if he was done yet and I was continually telling him no. So after about two weeks of both of being frustrated I took the time to write out what I wanted him to do each day. If it all gets done....GREAT, but if not then we just move that particular lesson or lessons to the next day. Micah has done much better with a schedule! He still doesn't love going to "school" but he enjoys it better then attending public school and having book/paper work to do. The great thing with T4L is that the sky is the limit, they can move as fast or as slow as they want (or you want) and they get instant feed back about their work. My son has gotten more 100% on quizes since starting this then he had in his whole public school has been such a boost of confindence for him to see that he can do it!

    Again.....welcome! I trust that your son will do well and enjoy the process of learning once again!
    Military Wife
    Mom of 4 amazing kids
    (homeschooling one of them)
    and a daughter of the King!!!!!

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    Default Re: New to T4L

    amanda, two of my kids just switched from CA (like K12) to T4L and we are loving it - the virtual school was far too much "busy work" and not enough demonstration/explanation - especially considering other adults who spent only an hour per week with each child (along with their sometimes 100+ students) were given the title "teacher" while i was only considered a "learning coach" - honestly, i'm not trying to knock the school or program - it works WONDERFULLY for my oldest child who is still enrolled with them - but there were things i felt i accepted because i thought was giving my kids something superior - now i see differently - my two younger daughters LOVE T4L and are learning and enjoying school so much more!

    chapswife, i'm a military wife too! in fact, when i became an army wife is when i decided to homeschool - just thought it was the best way to give my kids some educational stability and our family some flexibility for vacations and such


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    Default Re: New to T4L

    Hi Amanda,


    I am Mary, Mama to Brandon, Colton, Seth and Jacob We are in our 12th year of homeschooling and love it even more today than when we first began. I can't wait to hear all about your experience My one tip would be to use, "Noise Reducing" or "Noise Canceling" headphones. It helps to distort outside noise so they get more out of the lessons. They do fine without them so don't feel pressure, but we love them.

    Mary, Child of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ! Wife to best friend and Mama to her four boys 91, 96, 00, 02, Homeschooling since 1998! Come visit us on our blog!

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    Default Re: New to T4L


    Thank you, I hadn't even thought of that!! With three kids to home school, one with Asperger's and one with ADHD, none of them know what an "indoor" voice is anymore !!

    Thanks to everyone! I just switched the other two over this morning to T4L!! They have had the best day today. Each of them were asking "Is it my turn yet!"

    I was also glad to hear that my Aspie son is not the only one who fights the schedule and/or school! I am so blessed to have found this program and this chatroom. THANKS!!!

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    Default Re: New to T4L

    Welcome, Amanda!

    I too have a special needs child. He is now in PS, but he still loves to do his T4L. Can't argue with that. My suggestion would be to read the getting started guide and to decide how many lessons he should do each day if you are wanting to stick to a schedule.

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