New to Time4 Learning and need help
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    Default New to Time4 Learning and need help

    Hi everyone! I am new to time4 learning. My name is Shirley and my son is DJ. He has quite a few disabilities that has led us to Time4Learning. I'm no sure what I am doing. I'm not sure how much he is supposeto complete each day. Can someone please steer me a little.My son has CAPD, ASPERGERS, OCD, ADHD AND ELD, but is extremely gifted on paper. His dad does not help us at all and tried to fight us on everything. So, I'm trying to make sure I don't miss anything. Any guidance would be appreciated or helpful websites, advice, anything. I hope to make some new friends on here Shirley

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    Hi Shirley,

    Not sure how much I can help but I do understand, I have 2 boys with special needs. My 13 year old sons dad ranges from forgetting he has a son to trying to put road blocks everywhere. My 5 year old sons dad has marked him as dead and walked away. It has been a tough road with my oldest but since starting home school a year ago he is doing amazing things and I'm so happy to start seeing the smart man I know he is come out. On the other hand I can't keep up with my 6 year old daughter, she is so intelligent.

    I will help if I can but I'm always willing to listen with an understanding ear.

    Joy, Emerson, Kitrina, and Victor

    Just remember it could be worse, you could have a jellyfish stuck to your bottom.

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    Default Re: New to Time4 Learning and need help

    I heavily schedule my children that do not have special needs, but I am much more flexible with my child who does have them. I would let him do what he wants for a few days to see what he does with it, then schedule from there. With some of his particular challenges, you may want to allow him extra time to repeat lessons as he needs or wants to, so that he doesn't feel pressured to perform the first time around. If you click on the lesson plans tab at the top of the page, you can see how many activities are in your children's classes.

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