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    Default not responding like used to

    my ds granddaughter knows her alphabet and letters but when we are doing our sights and sounds of certain letters and i ask her to pick out the letter she picks out everything else but that. before she was picking out everything right. she is going to hannah montana on monday and reuniting with her mother permanently in october. do you think she is just getting bored with school and knowing she won't have to be doing home schooling when she goes back to mom, but i need to keep her current. any suggestions on how to keep her focused to the end of our journey?

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    I am so sorry it took me awhile to get to this post. In my mind I already answered it What I mean is I read it the other day and formulated my thought in my head and "thought" I had replied in real life. I want you to know that this has happened in our home. Ours is because my sons have Auditory processing and sometimes it's as though information has teflon. It needs to be visual and consistent for the info to have velcro so I can STICK and STAY IN PLACE.

    However, "if" your granddaughter is struggling with processing issue's OR if she's just winding down for the reasons you stated, I would just keep consistent. You've done a GREAT job.

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    How does she react when she chooses the wrong thing?

    DS laughs. That's how I know he's doing it on purpose. Case in point, tonight we were working on numbers 1-9 (he recognizes numbers up to 99) and he purposely pointed to or clicked the wrong number (1 instead of 3) every single time. For him, it's a way of joking. He knows we both know the right answer, so it's funny for him to choose the wrong one.

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