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    Post Our APD Journey

    Hi! My name is Micki and I homeschool my two boys ages 7 and 2. My 7 year old has an Audio Processing Disorder. It has taken three years to figure this out. My son went to a public school for Pre K. His teacher suggested that he may have a speech/language delay. I agreed to have him evaluated by a speech pathologist and his results were normal. His hearing was tested as usual in school and it was normal. The Speech Pathologist suggested that he be evaluated again through the Children's Hospital using a different type of evaluation. I went to his Pediatrician and had a referral for this drawn up. They also had his hearing tested again through the hospitals (VCU Medical Center) audiology department. Both tests were normal. By this time I am totally confused and frustrated. I decided not to send my son back to public school for kindergarten and homeschool him myself. How hard could it be, I thought. OMG! It was okay, at first but then...it was so hard to get him to focus. I would have to constantly repeat myself and have him look at me when I spoke. He would forget almost instantly what he heard. He couldn't follow more than one step at a time. To save the sanity of us both we would have to cut our days in half, this has caused us to fall pretty far behind. And the worst part was that he really couldn't help it. It was not his fault. No matter how he tried he just couldn't. We moved and he a new pediatrician and she made another referral. This time audiology came first. Because he had already had his hearing tested less than a year at ago at the same hospital his doctor wanted to be sure that this time it was done right. She requested the director of audiology perform the test. She did and she said that his hearing was normal, however, she took the test further. Her experience told her that something wasn't right so she kept going. She found that he had trouble with his middle ear and an Audio Processing Disorder. She referred us to an otolaryntologist for the middle ear problem and another audiologist to confirm the APD.

    To someone who doesn't understand APD my son might seem like a defiant child because he has trouble following directions. There are times when he just stands there and just stares at you blankly after you've given him direction because he's trying to process it in his mind. He really is the sweetest kid and he wants to do it, his brain just won't allow him to. I had to remind myself of that all the time. I used to work in the Mental Health/Mental Retardation field and I never thought that I would have to "work" with my own child. We just learned what APD is and we're still learning about how best to help our son. We are hoping that T4L is a step in the right direction. I have to say that just being able to read your posts and share my thoughts with others who have similar experiences has been very therapeutic for me. Here's to a new journey! Thank you so much!

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    Oh Micki,

    My heart so understood every single thing you posted. My oldest son was just like yours. He was sweet, friendly, outgoing, but couldn't stay focused, couldn't follow through w/ directions and would forget everything we had invested hours teaching.

    He too was diagnosed with APD. I now have three of four sons who struggle with this, but we have learned to thrive. My first little boy just graduated from our homeschool last year and is now taking some remedial classes at our local junior college. I am pretty sure he is going to be our technical school kid eventually.

    I want to tell you that the biggest thing I learned in our journey was to find curriculum that works for him. Time4Learning was a life saver for us. Those strong interactive graphics helped information to stick like velcro in their brain and for the first time they really began to build on basic concepts. We also learned how to pursue our children's strengths and to not focus on equipping the weaknesses.

    In other words, we did school everyday, but our time and our money is invested in those things that make them great. My oldest that is his writing and speaking. My 14 year old has an incredible gift with art and music. My 10 year old loves sports and anything competitive and we are still figuring out what my 8 year old loves.

    Welcome Home! I'm so glad you're here Micki. (((Big Understanding Hugs)))
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