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    Hey everyone!!!
    I just began homeschooling my 11 year old son Monday ( I have three daughters who go to the public school, ages 10, 7 and 7)!! It has been a hard decision to make for me, but one that I felt was greatly needed. He has Asbergers and an auditory processing disorder that made the public school hard for him to keep on track. He is enjoying time4learning (in fact he used it at a previous school) but need to know of some really good things to help his spelling! He is in 5th grade but spelling/writing on a 2nd grade level. Since I am so new to all of this I am not sure if time4learning has this or if there is supplemental program that would be better suited for him. I would appreciate any imput that you might have!!!! do I know how much he should be doing each day??? I saw the lesson planning thing but not really sure what to do with that : )

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    Time4Learning uses a phonics approach to spelling until fourth grade. In fourth grade, the traditional spelling type of lessons begin in the language arts extensions. If your son isn't working at the fourth grade level yet, and you want him to have structured spelling lessons, you might check out SpellingCity. It's free and VERY fun!

    If you want your child to finish one grade level in one year, divide the number of lesson activities in a subject by the number of weeks in your school year. That will give you the approximate number of lesson activities he needs to do per week to finish all of the lessons in that subject.

    Some parents have their student work a certain amount of time per day on each subject instead. Others just allow the student to go at their own pace. If you do either of these, your child may finish more or less than a grade level during the year.

    I'm glad Time4Learning seems to be a good fit for your son so far. Please stick around the forums to share how things are going for you.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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