read a long for 3rd grade science
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    Default read a long for 3rd grade science

    My son is in second grade. I think he is dyslexic and he is not a strong reader. However he loves science and has progressed through the early science grades in T4L very quickly. He wants to start on the 3rd grade science lessons but there is much reading and no audio accompaniment in that grade. Is there a way to have an audio companion with those lessons? He wants to be independent but is unable to do the lessons without my help. We do science in many other ways but he really wants to be able to do the T4L science lessons. Thank you.

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    Hi Shannon,

    By third grade the kids are expected to read more on their own, however, my daughter (a dyslexic) had to have things read to her at that age. If you can't sit with him and read to him, or if he wants to be more independent like my daughter wanted to be, you can use a text-to-speech reader. If you Google them you will find lots that are free to use.

    Hope this helps. Anyone have suggestions???

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