REally need help special ed
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    Default REally need help special ed

    What is the importance / are SS and Science necessary special needs kids in the real world?
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    Hello, Nesaby. That would be a subjective answer. It all depends on your child and the level of their 'special need'. For example, my daughter has Down syndrome. Although I don't believe science or social studies/history will be something that she will actually use in the real world, if she can have some knowledge of it, we cover it. Right now she's at an early/middle elementary level. So she watches educational movies like the Magic School Bus, or documentaries. She also reads books, like historical fiction stories or Story of the World. For science she reads elementary science books that are interesting. So you see, it all depends on your child. I don't thinks she'll ever study Anatomy at the level that her twin brother studies it in high school.

    Of course with most of our children with special needs, life skills are a priority. Reading and writing are a priority. As a homeschooler, we teach each of our children according to their level of understanding, even with our typical kids. We can tailor their education to meet their interests, to challenge them intellectually and allow them to work at their own pace so they're actually learning and retaining knowledge rather than just memorizing facts that they'll forget in the near future.

    I hope that answered your question. If not, please don't hesitate to rephrase it. Maybe someone else can chime in with their own insight.
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