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    We have a 12 year old dyslexic daughter who is about to be diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Time4Learning's science and math stops at the end of elementary school. Can anyone steer me toward another home school program that is as good as Time4Learning and incorporates math and science on through high school? Thanks, N. Higgins

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    I have the exact same question regarding science. I haven't started Time4Learning yet but wish I had at the beginning of the school year. This is our first year homeschooling. I wanted to mention that we have had success with SAXON math. They have a homeschool paperback version that your child can write in, which is great for kids with visual spatial and writing issues (no need to copy problems onto a separate sheet before computing). My daughter used to be in the first percentile for math on standardized tests. After one-on-one intervention (including educational therapy and a private math teacher at her school) and starting Saxon math she was almost at grade level mid-5th grade. Saxon math is cyclical- it repeats the concepts over and over. I haven't checked but I am certainly hoping they offer highschool level curriculum! My dad (he used to be a college math professor) is her math teacher and he loves Saxon. How has the Time4Learning program (in particular the laguage arts) been for your daughter?

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    A program that many of us have tried for highschool is called, "Thinkwell". I have not personally used their science programs yet, but I really liked their public speaking program. It's also an online curriculum. HTH, Mary
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    Thank you, Mary! I've been wondering about this for awhile. My hero!

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