In search of some advice/recommendations
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    Default In search of some advice/recommendations

    My son has presented with a wide array of symptoms throughout his life. He is now 20 years old and has been evaluated multiple times. He has received a diagnosis of ADHD and has aspects of Aspergerís Syndrome but does not and has not been diagnosed as Aspergerís. Overall, he is very intelligent and has very superior abstract thinking, verbal, and mathematical abilities. He is a wonderful writer, an incredible reader and math student, and has a powerful memory for theater and movie dialogue. However, he struggles with many things that require executive functioning, such as planning, organization, attention, motivation, and working memory. He does not function well independently and has received extra support for most of his life. His relationships seem to function in an out of sight, out of mind way. He has difficulties socially as he craves close relationships but is quick to trust anyone and may get taken advantage of. He has always had difficulty making and maintaining friendships as well. He often is inappropriate in an attempt to be liked, accepted, and appear cool to his peers.
    He is currently receiving milieu therapy and behavioral treatment in a group home.
    I was hoping to reach out to other parents who have children with similar symptoms, in the hopes of finding other resources available for him. It would be helpful to hear what programs, schools, or interventions have worked or not worked with similar difficulties.

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    Hello David!

    My daughter has ADHD and mild bipolar. One doctor diagnosed her with Aspergers. I have a nephew with Aspergers and I do think my daughter has slight symptoms of it. Time has been a big help with her. Maturity has seemed to help.

    I hope others will comment on things that have helped them. I will say that you might not find many with kids your son's age on here since our program only goes to 8th grade, however, maybe some have older kids with some of same challenges and will chime in.

    Best wishes to you.

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    My son has multiple disabilities with one being autism. It may be helpful to check out The Arc. I am sure they also have this organization locally to you. I've heard they are very helpful and may be able to assist in finding you additional resources and contacts. Good luck!

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