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    I LOVE time4learning but as a former teacher I do like to mix it up or add things every now and then so my kids see things in different ways, so I created a free website Percipio Percepi Perceptum to share for anyone's use. However I did get a few emails asking if I had anything in regards to special needs kids. I was never a special education teacher or parent specifically, so I admit my information is more limited in this area (though not completely ignorant). However, I did make some calls to my fellow ex-coworkers, ex-parents ( I did have some special needs students who were wonderful!!!) and I have begun searching trying to collect FREE links to any resources that may aid specifically to special needs students. I had to create a whole seperate site simple cause I ran out of available pages to use. It's a free server. But here is the link. Hope some of it is useful to you all. If you have anything I can add please let me know. I just like trying to gather as much info as I can to help make it easier on parents. I am looking for FREE resources.So here is the website with free resources for special needs students.

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    Thank you so much for this site. I have not look through everything yet, but so far from what I see we are going to do well with homeschooling!

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