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    Hello everyone,
    Would anyone like to share some speech activities that have proven to be successful for you? My daughter is mentally challenged and has an explosive language disorder. We all realize that language skills will always be poor according to doctors, but it is also good to branch out and seek support from forums that support special needs. Thanks

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    Hi! Getting a mirror in her room really helped. She can watch her mouth as she sounds out words. Also, when she was little she really liked this app on our iPad that repeats what she said, so it motivated her to try to talk, and to talk clearer. It's Talking Tom Cat. There may be other versions for different tablets.
    My daughter tends to speak fast, and the faster she speaks the more difficult it is to understand her because she'll drop words in sentences or parts of the word. So just reminding her to slow down. When she was just learning to speak, it was tempting to respond to her pointing or to speak for her...her brother and sister would speak for her...but we had to be extra patient and encourage her to try to sound out what she wanted. We would praise her, even if it didn't come out perfectly.

    Hoping we get to hear more tips from other parents!
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