My boyfriend's son (who lives with us full time) is 9 years old. He was diagnosed with ADHD. He went on meds 2 years ago and approved dramatically although his dad doesn't think it has anything to do with them because he usually only acts up at school or with his mom. Since school has started, he's gotten into trouble 3 times for shoving, pinching and hitting kids. We discipline him and he does understand what he is doing is wrong but he'll go and do the same thing the next day. The mom's home has always been a source of dysfunction, chaos and fighting between her and her older daughters. He has grown up watching this as a way of life. She only sees him a few hours a week but the damage is already done since she had him full time from ages 0-6.

We're trying to get him into counseling but there is no one in our town who sees children. I also want to have his meds evaluated again.

The police have been called on a couple of occasions when he has gotten really out of control - once at school and once at his mom's. They've told him they he is old enough to go to jail and we do remind him of that when he acts us.

I'm wondering if anyone would have a recommendation for a video or 3rd grade level book about kids getting a bad reputation, or learning about happens when you go to jail (he said he doesn't know) or how you hurt yourself by being mean to others, etc. You get the idea...

Any thoughts or advice is welcomed.