I am new to this, I just joined today. I've been looking at different sites all day. Hope I picked the right one. My oldest daughter has a very hard time in school. She had a stroke at birth that effected the language portion of her brain and has ADD. She has been "holding her own" till now. She is finishing 3rd grade this year, and it has been a rough year. We live in Fl so they take the FCAT exam. If she didn't pass it then she won't go to 4th grade. But as a parent I know she is not ready to move foward anyways. It's hard to accept, but I have decided that the best thing to do is try and get some help. I am doing this for summer time, but trying really hard to figure out if I can make it work for home schooling. Her nuerologist has told me that it is a processing problem and she would do much better on the computer, they don't offer that where we live. So here we go, wish us luck...I think she is going to do great. Glad I found this site!