Teaching a child with ASD to Read-Feeling Overwhelmed!
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    Default Teaching a child with ASD to Read-Feeling Overwhelmed!

    My son is about to be 7. He has ASD. I have been working with him for two years. I spent the first six months trying to teach him the alphabet. We studied a letter a week. There were arts and crafts, games, worksheets, and many other techniques involved that were all unsuccessful. Believe me, it was not due to a lack of trying! I researched and many parents suggested Leap Frog Videos. Wow, what do you know, 3 WEEKS LATER, the child knew the alphabet! He still struggles with saying the letters sometimes but he knows the sounds that every letter makes. We are working on that now. He is able to read words such as "cat" , "bat" ...... I then invested quite a bit of money in a curriculum that proved to be way to advanced. It moved way too quickly. He became frustrated and at times I did as well. So here I am on T4L, hoping for some positive feedback from my child. We are new to the site so we will see how it goes!

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    My 5 year old daughter has high functioning autism. Using T4L helped me understand her needs. She was moving at such a fast pace her preschool could not provide information fast enough and then became upset when she was done with her work and was out of her seat playing. I learned to go at her pace. We start out with a couple worksheets in the morning and she earns T4L by completing her worksheets. This has slowed her pace down a little and helps her absorb more information as it comes to her. She has been doing T4L for close to 30 days and is finished with the science and is close to being done with language and math. When she finishes I can evaluate and see if she is ready for 1st grade material or if I should go back over the kindergarten material for review. Having a child on the spectrum and being a behavior therapist I know the kids need lots of encouragement, breaks when they are zoning out, and a patient parent! You can do it Annie and T4L will give you a platform to evaluate what your child needs next!
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    Hey pistolannie, I also have a 6 year old with a learning disability, she can read about 13 sight words, and she knows her alphabet, but the rest is minimal. She has really rocked on T4L and has only been on her for 2 days. I signed her up the other night, and started her in my homeschool classroom on Monday, and she has almost completed Preschool level one with very little help from me, She has her own laptop as she loves preschool shows on Netflix, Nick Jr, etc, so I figured if she could do so well with a computer I would try an online learning curriculum, it was the greatest thing I have ever done. She will go in her room at night, and can log herself into her classroom, and will complete 2 or 3 lessons on her own, without anyone telling her. I am loving it. I'm sure it will become a little more difficult, but no doubt with a little help and encouragement, she will get there. Well worth my money every month to see her learn. Good luck to you and your son, it is a long road, and if there is any way i can help please don't hesitate to ask.

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