Temporarily homeschooling child with medical needs!
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    Default Temporarily homeschooling child with medical needs!

    Hello everyone! I am completely new to the homeschooling world. I was curious is anyone out there is currently homeschooling children with special medical needs. My 12-year-old son is a type 1 diabetic, and I had to pull him out of public school last month due to the schools negligence concerning his diabetic care. They contributed to him landing in the ICU after developing an life threatening condition associated with being a Diabetic. I am homeschooling him only until he is able to start his new school in an new district in August. Having a degree in nursing, I am capable of caring for him, and I hope he is ready to start 8th grade come August. I am excited about Time 4 Learning. So far I am impressed!

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    Hi, MariMey.

    I'm so sorry to hear your son was hospitalized and in ICU due to the school's negligence. So glad you are able to bring him home and care for him yourself, as well as homeschool him. Welcome to Time4Learning. I hope some other families with similar medical needs and challenges as your family's will chime in here.

    I copied your post from Colorado to Special Needs in the hopes you'll get a response related to your needs and question here, but the post is also still there. So you may get a reply from someone in Colorado.

    Best wishes.
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    My homeschooled kiddos have emotional rather than medical special needs, but as a Type I diabetic myself (diagnosed at 13), my only advice is that you encourage him to take ownership of his disease and not try to do everything for him. My parents forced me to do everything myself (but kept a watchful eye), and even though I ended up in the hospital a few times in the 500s (for "cheating" and eating candy or ice cream without taking a shot to cover it), I became a much more conscientious older teen and adult and have no side effects after nearly 30 years of having diabetes.

    1. He can set alarms on an insulin pump, ipod/cell, or watch to remind himself to test and treat.
    2. Consider the continuous glucose monitor if he's very brittle (too many lows, especially). It shows trends and helps to tighten control. His dr. might have one he can borrow for 3 days, too, while you're working to get his insulin levels adjusted.
    3. Try a local same-age support group or send him to diabetic camp. The best thing for kids is to see other kids having fun and not feeling like their social life is over or that they're freaks.

    It's SO MUCH easier to handle now with all of the new technology. In my day I was allowed to carry my tester and candy or glucose tablets AND my shots with me in my backpack. I'd use a bathroom pass to go test privately. No biggie. Nobody made fun of me, but it was alot of stuff to carry around. (Now I test out in the open and nobody bats an eye!) Now, though, kids aren't even allowed to carry bags in school, and my guess is a new diabetic may feel embarrassed at having to ASK to go to the nurse's office to test and treat. Grr.

    4. So I'd get it written into his med plan that he MUST be allowed to have these things on his person!

    Then again, I probably wouldn't bother. I'd just homeschool. ;-)
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    Hi! I started homeschooling my 10 year old daughter as of the end of April. Not only because we had just moved but also because of her Epilepsy. She had incurred a lot of absences and was being taken out of school early at lest twice a month for doctor appointments and testing. It was really starting to effect her grades. Her teachers were not happy that I had to take her out of school so frequently and would bring it to my attention just about every quarter. It didn't matter the reason apparently. So, after we moved I just decided to keep her home with me and try something different. I am so glad I did. She gets so much more things accomplished while everyone else is gone to work or school. We live next to a beach so it is also nice to bring the school work to a more relaxing place. We really take advantage of the freedom homeschooling brings. Now that T4L works on tablets she can take her school work with her to her DR appointments and do it in the waiting room. The only challenge I have come across is the socializing. I honestly found it harder for her since we moved to a whole different state. I just signed her up for Karate classes so I think that helped. I hope my experience may of helped a bit....Good luck!

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