Hello, my name is Mrs. Tamika Dajos and this is the testimony of my son
Jeremiah and Time4Learning, one of best things to happen to our family!

My son Jeremiah was having extreme difficulty learning. Shortly after
his entering school in Arizona, my husband and I were devastated when we got a
call from his teacher. It seemed his doing assignments and his behavior were
a big problem. His teacher actually said that in her opinion, Jeremiah was
functioning at a three year old level. We knew this couldn't be true.

They placed Jeremiah in a smaller class, but there were still too many
distractions. However, the new teacher made this discovery; our son was very
capable of learning and doing his work, especially during computer hour and
while he was taught one-on-one. We held a meeting but the school was
not staffed for one-on-one learning, so they placed him in the k-6 online
program using CompassLearning.

After his assessment test, Jeremiah's teachers were amazed. He had scored above the requirements!
This is after being diagnosed with developmental delays, ADHD and
oppositional behavior. He went from being classified as "functioning as a 3
yr. old" to scoring 80, 90, and 100% on all his assignments. We were
thrilled! Not only was our son able to focus on his work, he was able to
retain the things learned. As parents, we could adjust the level of learning
to suit his needs.

Our family moved back to Michigan and we needed to find a way to use the program.
CompassLearning only sells to schools. We were at a lost as to what to do for our
son's core curriculum. We had a letter written in our behalf from his former school principal in testimony
as to how great the program worked for our son given his special needs,
urging anyone that could to help provide the program to our low income
family. We were then directed to Time4Learning.com,
and our worries were over.

My son is delighted to be using the program. With Time4Learning, the
CompassLearning program is so easy to use, fun,
affordable, and even better than the previous version. Jeremiah actually has
to be reminded that his class time is over for the day, because he wants to
stay on past his school time! It's not just with Jeremiah. I am in a big
circle of home schooling parents as well as parents that have children with
disabilities like RAD, ADHD, ODD, Ausbergers and Autism. I've had children
over and have allowed them to watch Jeremiah doing his assignments using
Time4Learning, and all we hear from the other children is, "Can I have a

Their parents are always amazed at how excited the children get
about it, and that we can even access it from their computer, or virtually
anywhere. Several of my friends and relatives with children in public
school, still see the benefit of using the Time4Learning program to
supplement their child's curriculum. Once they actually heard that it was
available, and saw for themselves, we didn't have to say more.
Time4Learning speaks for itself. We plan on using the program for our next child
as well. It is truly a joy to see our child go from 'struggling' to
'excelling', and to hear him say "Is it Time for Learning yet, Mommy?" Thank
you so much for this blessing!

The Dajos Family

Notes: Time4Learning is an online learning program for home users built around the CompassLearning Odyssey educational system. Click for more information on Time4Learning's online home education program for enrichment or homeschooling.