Testing outside of school system.
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    Default Testing outside of school system.

    Hi everyone.

    My son is nearly 17 and he needs multiple testing. I don't know if he has autism, or is mildly mentally retarded. He does not fit into any box. If a person is not officially diagnosed with mental retardation before the age of 18, that diagnosis can never be used. Because he is not in public school, I don't know where to go.

    Also, does anyone know where I can get some tests for my own use to see what academic levels he is at right now. I wish time for learning had placement tests, once again; only for the use of the student's parents. I think that this would be a tremendous help. I'm not sure I would want the tests to be part of his official school record but it would help me understand where his strenghs lie.

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    You can get a neuropsych eval. Your child's doctor can probably refer you.

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    Default Another source for free testing

    Your public school district may test (IQ) if you request it (before age 18). Ours said they would, but they've been putting me off for months.

    You can also have your pediatrician/Dr. refer him for "neuropsych" as mentioned. (Call it that or insurance won't cover "IQ/academic" testing since public schools are supposed to do that EVEN IF your child is homeschooled.)

    As for academic placement/standing, check your state's dept. of ed site to see if they have recent state tests and their answer keys. (Mine doesn't, so I use the ones from Texas: Texas Education Agency - Student Assessment Division). You could also see if he can take the GED in an appropriate setting given his exceptions.

    Good luck!

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