Thoughts on possible dyslexia?
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    Default Thoughts on possible dyslexia?

    Hi all! I've been using Time4Learning for my daughter (K, ADHD) since April and she LOVES it. My question though relates to my stepson. He is 12.5, ADHD and other learning disabilites (though no formal diagnosis as his mother has not pursued any; hubby is working on that while he is here); So his reading is at a Kindergarten level and his math at about 2nd grade. We are homeschooling year round and figure we can add in some summer schooling for him while he is here. But if I sign him up, can I select kinder level for language arts for him? My only concern with him using it is that he'll think it's "babyish", but we are trying to help as much as we can while he's here, which is only until August. Any thoughts?

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    Time4Learning allows your child to work at whatever level he or she wants, but yes, your stepson might feel like the content is too childish for him at that level. I would consider a summer supplement of a program such as Saxon Phonics Intervention. It is designed for older kids with dyslexia who need remediation. It is VERY parent-friendly, although slightly pricey, but I found a great set on ebay for a really good price. Just google saxon phonics intervention for more info if you are interested. It helped my son a LOT.

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