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    Default Time 4 leaning teaching method

    I would like to thank time 4 learning for making rigorous use of the ABA method of teaching(the software reminds the student that the answer they selected is wrong until the student selected the correct answer). Please continue this method as this is very effective specially with autistic kids. My kid really likes this method. . There is another software that uses the ABA method that my kid already outgrew because he has a near photographic memory. I highly recommend it for disabled kids and uses the ABA method extensively. it is DTTRAINER at www.dttrainer.com .

    The big advantage of time4 learning is that it is more structured and follows state curriculum. Are there any other software for K to 8th that follows state curriculum that is not expensve and also follows state curriculum ?? thanks

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    You are correct that Time4Learning is structured and aligned with state standards. This is because Time4Learning isn't just educational game software. It is a core curriculum.

    I'm unaware of other similar curriculum that is "not expensive". One of the advantages of Time4Learning is its month-to-month subscription plan.

    Our family uses a variety of software and online programs, such as Brainpop and Cosmeo, to supplement our Time4Learning lessons. None is a complete core curriculum, but they are fun supplements.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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